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Samba Volleyball V5000 Super Soft Touch

  • Features

    • Highest Grade Composite Microfiber PU ensures lifespan of the ball is greater as it lasts longer than other balls.
    • Quality craftsmanship means the panels are well pasted & do not peel off making the ball extremely durable.
    • The only water-resistant ball in the market.                            
    • Super soft touch, the rebound, blocking & digging is more controlled & also more speed for hitters with improved spikes & strong serves.
    • An amazing grip which helps in spinning, accuracy, flout serve & hitting. 
    • The only ball that is not easily swayed by the wind, having the perfect weight & its unique design cuts down on air friction as the ball takes a truer, stabilized path of flight ever produced.                                                

For orders- Phone: 0772343962  WhatsApp: 0786889990

Payment via Lipa na Mpesa:

Account name- Nakuru DSA 2

Buy goods till number- 725269

Prices inclusive of V.A.T.

Delivery- Countrywide


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